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Sharksa created an infrastructure leading professionals in startups, restructuring and growth. We have a simple process. One of our partners will meet or have a call with you to go through any issues and concerns. This is a completely free exercise and we are happy to sign (reasonable) NDAs.


If we think that we can bring any value, we will make a proposal to you and we can start our work. If however, we do not think we can be useful, we will try to suggest others who may be.





We worked in many startups as founders, employees and consultants. Some of our startups reached great heights by achieving revenues in millions of $, employing hundreds of people. We realise how important it is to conserve cash when you are just starting, and we try to work with founders and managers according to their needs and capabilities.





Some of the most challenging and exciting work we were involved with was about restructuring an existing business. All businesses at some point face issues with growth and costs. We help by getting familiar with all parts of the business, finding areas where we can improve and come up with creative solutions.





Initial business traction may at some point plateau. We help businesses supercharge their growth using some of the techniques we developed including innovative tactics, growth hacks, digital marketing and design.

We're always keen to find unique solutions for our clients' business.
Feel free to contact us to find out how we can help you.

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