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Before forming Sharksa, our team of highly skilled professionals worked together on a number of projects with extraordinary results. We decided to join forces and create a one-stop shop for companies who need help launching, restructuring or growing. We can be as involved as our clients like, from giving advice from time to running the project and executing a strategy which we can help create.


In very rare cases, we also invest in companies with a great idea and capability of execution.


Collectively, we were involved in both small and large companies, founded big successes and failed a few times too. The latter was likely as educational as our success stories. We worked on projects in e-commerce, online marketplaces, fintech, wearables, accessories, real estate, greenhouses, waste management, finance, imports, exports and many others.

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Managing Director

Khurshid K Fayzullaev

K is a versatile entrepreneur who co-founded a number of successful companies, managed a large real estate company and other organisations.

The latest venture he co-founded,, achieved sales of $27.2 million in its first full two years selling 1 million products in 140 countries and being featured in Harvard Business School as a case study. Zaggora received many awards including the National Business Award.


K previously ran the Ability Group, one of UK’s largest privately owned real estate companies. As Head of Asset Management and Operations, he acquired and managed hotels, shopping centres and residential assets worth over £500 million. K was also a partner in a private partnership, advising on over £1 billion of real estate assets and loan re-structuring deals sponsored by Lloyds, Barclays, RBS and other lenders in the UK and European markets.

K holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the London School of Economics and a Masters degree in Politics from University College London.

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We're always keen to find solutions for our partners in all area of business.
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